How To Pick Players For Fantasy Cricket?

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One of the most crucial aspects of playing on an online fantasy cricket app, if not the most important aspect of playing fantasy cricket is to pick players. But how does one do that? My11Circle provides you all the tools through which one can go about picking the best possible team which would give you rewards, bonuses and victories aplenty.

First and foremost, the app provides you the most accurate information possible on which players are playing in an upcoming match. This information is collated from relevant sources across the internet, though the app also advises you to check and confirm for yourself. While picking the players, the app also tells you how much percentage of the fantasy cricket users in the said match-up have picked a certain player.

This is indicated by the selection percentage. So for example, if you click the selection percentage tab after joining a certain competition, you can know how many users have selected Virat Kohli or Rohit Sharma for instance. Another useful indicator is arranging your players according to the number of points they have already accrued in the series. This will give you a great indication of which players are in form. The last indicator in the selection zone of the app is the credits or fantasy price that each player costs for selecting them in your team. A higher price indicates higher pedigree and form than a lower price.

After collating all this information from the selection tab, the next thing to do is to go towards the ‘Points System’ tab. This tab is the one place through which you can get all the information about how the points system in the My11Circle app works. Firstly, the app has a different scoring system and parameters for the different formats of the game, namely T20, ODIs, Test matches, The Hundred played in England, and T10 tournaments. So for instance, strike rates and economy rates play a huge role in limited overs cricket, but in test matches, they aren’t as important.

Therefore there are no points per se for a good strike rate and a good economy rate while you are playing Test match fantasy cricket. On the other hand, there are regards for high strike rates and low economy rates in the limited overs format, and depending on the particular format, be it ODI, T20 or The Hundred, one gets rewarded accordingly. But it is also crucial to note that one also gets penalized for poor strike rates and economy rates in the limited overs formats, and these penalizations are specific for the format in question. So for instance in the T20 format, you would get a minus 1 if your player has a strike rate between 75.00-99.00 but there would be no minus points if your player has the same strike rate in the ODI format.

After studying the specific changes and parameters in scoring with each format, you can look at the points in the concerned format for bowling, batting, and fielding. My11Circle encourages and in fact has created a specific slot for all-rounders so that you can maximize your points. The points for fielding also indicate that fielding is rewarded, even for run outs one gets points so while picking your players, do consider whether the batters, bowlers and all-rounders you pick are good fielders as well.

After picking your team, the last task at hand is to select your captain and vice-captain. The captain that you select would give you twice the amount of points the captain scores while the vice-captain will accrue you 1.5 times the points the said player scores. Do ensure your captain and vice-captain are cricketers who in your opinion will contribute heavily with points.

After this primer, users should be ready to participate in the My11Circle fantasy cricket journey.


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