Single Biggest Mistake When Starting An App Business.

One of the questions I want to respond that many Appreneurs as is regarding the biggest single mistake that every developer or App entrepreneur make when they start a new venture or  a new app. One of them is that they focus on the monetization and how to make money fast and not in the product itself.  It is amazing that they get into the app world because they saw another case probably on TV.  There are cheap news channels where they just put a interview with random people and talk about how they make millions of dollars in one single game. So they try to copy all those apps and expect to become millionaire in no time.  A part of our DNA as humans, we try to look up for the easiest and fastest solution.  We always get super addictive to the things that make us feel like we have accomplished something fast. When see a successful app and they think  there are not many apps like that.  If I do it and I copy the app, I will make a lot of money. Certainly some of those people are actually making some money but by the time you’re reading this article it is already super late. It is 2018 already.

This  wave of copy clones apps used to happen five years ago. There are still people doing it. But when you don’t have the right budget and the product you’re not reinventing yourself , you’re just wasting your time and that’s one of the biggest single mistake that we see with the developers. They spend so much money and into releasing  apps that are not meant for any market. They don’t do any research. They just go for it. They just want to get more.  I would say make money fast and not building the right plan for marketing and right plan for monetization and the product itself. So that’s, I would say it is one big  single mistake that every app entrepreneur make.  You have to be very careful. I hope you like this article.  if you liked it please drop your questions we would love to read them and we would like to reply as soon as possible.

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