Hello Friends! It is not easy to come up with a million dollar app idea. The App Idea is equally important as that of your business plant. If you are going start a new business, what are the app concepts and ideas that are creative, unique as well as interesting that will help you to boost your startup or app business and to get maximum reach. If you are looking for an interesting and unique app idea, you are the right place. I will tell you about top 10 unique, interesting and creative Ideas that are untapped at the moment world over with very low competition. Read on!

App Idea No 1 : Measurement App

What is a measurement app. It is a mobile app which helps you to measure length breadth and height of an object in real time with the help of Artificial Intelligence.  The app idea is unique in itself as there are very little number of such apps available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Google Measure is one of these. Imagine the usability of the app for an engineer or an architect. The app comes handy for day to day usage for a common user as well. So guys go for it. Such apps are built on Augmented Reality. AR is all about modifying our perception of real world.

HOW TO CREATE THE APP: If you are a coder, we don’t need to tell anything further. However, if you don’t know code you can hire a developer on FIVERR or FREELANCER to get things done at very competitive rates.

App Idea No 2 : Augmented Reality Apps

Augmented Reality (AR) Apps are software applications including mobile apps which merge the digital, visual (video), audio and other types of  content into the users real-world environment. There are numerous  uses of Augmented Reality applications in the field of training, work and consumer applications in various industries including public safety, healthcare, tourism, gas and oil, and marketing. You can explore the field and decide on some relevant AR app. Visit Google play store and explore AR apps to get an Idea. Some of the popular AR apps include AUGMENT, SUN SEEKER, POKEMON GO, REAL STRIKE and many others. Augmented Reality Apps are growing and more and more companies are jumping into the band wagon. It has changed the face of smartphone apps and gaming. It is going to be the future of Mobile Apps and Games. Go  get your share of success. Hire a freelancer here

App Idea No 3 : Courses App

Since March 2020 where world has seen lockdown all over the world and one of the most hit industry is education. However, as they say necessity sis the mother of invention a new race for providing education in online mode started depending upon the needs of the end user, students and learners. There is a huge demand for apps that provide courses for varied types of consumers e.g., students. Over the last year Learning apps have grown many fold. You can create an app to provide short courses in your field of interest. Another aspect is that you can create an app that will act as a platform for content/course creators to sell their courses and the potential is huge. You can charge your commission from sellers and sell your courses also. Possibilities are endless.

HOW TO CREATE THE APP: You can go here to build your courses app. This app has many features with many templates including Courses App Template. Alternatively you can hire a freelancer here to create custom app. Another cost effective source is here (codecanyon)  but you need to have a know how of using Android Studio to reskin the app. An additional budget of $50-70 will get you a ready to use app.

App Idea No 4: Scan and Shop App

Product scanner apps have played a major role in mobile commerce (m-commerce) during the last few years. They allow the app users to engage and interact with products, catalogs, print ads or in-store signage seamlessly, providing them with valuable content and experiences in milliseconds. To put it in simple terms a user scans a product image and the app lands him in an e-commerce store where the product is available for purchase.  There is no need for Quick Response (QR) codes or special print markers.

App Idea No. 5 : Customized Products and Services App

This app applies to those businesses who want to sell their customized products or services to customers e.g., a custom t-Shirt or a custom logo. You can also create the app to provide a platform for sellers who want to market their services or products. The sellers can sell their custom products or services through your app against some commission towards you. Hire a freelancer here to get you app done in least possible time.

App Idea No. 6: Legal Consultancy App

There are very little number of apps that provide such service to clients. The app can provide all the required information regarding law and attorney. It can also provide legal consultancy to clients through video conferencing. Lawyers can use this app to provide their services to their clients. Clients can book the services of lawyers through this app. Possibilities are endless.

App Idea No. 7: Consult a Doctor App

COVID-19 outbreak in addition to many problems put forth a big issue before the patients that they are unable to visit doctors/clinics to avoid any possible infections. To overcome this prolems this app comes handy.  With consult a doctor patients can ask Health or Medical questions to specialist doctors for diagnosis and medical advice. A specialist Doctor will attend the patient online instantly. Such apps have huge potential particularly during lockdown and pandemic conditions.

App Idea No. 8: Language Learning App

This type of app is very useful for travelers. Language learning apps have been especially useful. No other type of educational apps is used as often as they are. Today, apps like Duolingo and Babbel have more than 100 million active users, with their numbers increasing by the day (Google Play Store, 2019). They offer courses in languages from Spanish to Hawaiian and are no longer limited to vocabulary teaching only. Such apps also have huge potential.

App Idea No 9: Stock Images and Video App        

Content is the king – you might have heard this incase you are in digital marketing or atleast are trying to earn on internet. There are millions of content creators like bloggers and youtubers who create tons of content. These content creators require images and videos to create content for their blogs and youtube channels. Your app can help such people to get images and video clips. The question arises who will provide images and video clips in this app. This app will act as a platform for image and video clip sellers. They will sell their images and video clips through your app against a commission for each sale. Shutterstock is earning millions. Go for it, take your share.

App Idea No 10: Health and Fitness tracker/Checker App

Of late people have become health conscious. Health and Fitness is a billion dollar industry. You can create an app to help people to track their health and fitness. This type  app has huge potential.

That’s it guys. Choose you interest and start working on the project. You can hire freelancers at competitive rates to build your apps. Dominate this virtually untapped marketplace. It is the future. Explore these options to get your app built : Fiverr ,  Zapable, Codecanyon.