6 SECRET Android Apps in 2023 You Can’t Afford To MISS

There are tons of apps on the Google Play Store. Most of the time you go through them and realize that there is nothing new for you. Doesn’t it seem like everyone is always parroting the same apps as everyone else? If so, we have got a surprise for you as we have shortlisted some of the Lesser known and secret Android apps that will change your experience. Also, let’s aim for 2000 Shares for this article If you like what we are doing on this blog.

1. Gleesent

The entire concept of this application revolves around the notion that you can develop personal greetings and pranks with celebrities’ voices. What we mean by that, is let’s say you would like Elon Musk to wish your best friend on his birthday.  Let’s be honest the chances of that happening are pretty slim but with gleesent you can create such videos with just a single click. When you open the app it directly asks you to type in your friend’s name for whom you would like to create a personal greeting video and then your name and select the gender. Once you enter all the details the application will take a while to process and create the video talking about the app’s user interface it is relatively straightforward as it presents three tabs at the bottom, discover, create and profile. The Discover tab consists of short clips of famous personalities and celebrities with voiceovers. The best thing is that it allows you to replace search with your desired message. However, that’s not it. Although, it comes with a default message you can customize it as per your demand. Once you enter the message, tap on Create and it will generate the video clip that you can easily save or share. You can swipe down and discover plenty of other Clips. The design tab will let you review a library of different clips you can choose to modify. It also offers a third tab called profile which will allow you to manage everything, thus making the app an effective clip manager.  

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2. Guerrilla Mail

Humans are social animals, and as they say that your network is your net worth. However, you often meet all sort of people during our daily engagements. Emails are one of the most efficient modes of communication and an awkward situation arises when you have to share your email address with someone you don’t trust. This is where an app called gorilla mail comes into play. It provides you with relief with its disposable email address, you can share it with anyone you don’t want to access your original email. The best part is that you can read any email. Tap on a confirmation link or even reply using it. Another significant benefit of the app is that it prevents your inbox from being flooded with Spam messages, as they are Zapped and never really reach your email address keeping it clean and safe. Although the app will require an in-app purchase to send an email it’s a great choice to keep your primary email private, secure and free from all unnecessary fillings. The app’s user interface is simple and precise it allows you to read messages and easily compose new ones when required. You can delete any message or keep them at the top and I will highly recommend you to give this app a try now.

3. Skip Ads: Auto skip Video Ads

Whether you are watching a video or simply enjoying surfing different websites. interruptions are a significant nuance and there is nothing much worse than the unwanted noise of ads that catches our attention. This is why we have this amazing app known as Skip Ads which is a simple tool that will let you automatically skip ads on the most popular video streaming platform – YouTube. When watching content online the advertisers get a golden opportunity to feature one of their ads in the video which although annoys the viewers but benefits the creators this app is an excellent choice to Auto skip them without worry, particularly, the YouTube ads which pop up during a video and are some of the most annoying ones. This app is a great relief.

4. Ungoogled Chromium

Google Chrome is undoubtedly the star in the web browser industry. However, at times Google Chrome Services might seem unnecessary like its privacy implications. You can get on Google Chromium instead, which is a drop-in replacement and eliminates the dependency on Google web services to a great extent, although retaining the default chromium experience. It offers specific features to enhance, and control privacy and transparency. The significant difference between Google Chrome and ungoogle chromium is that the later replaces many services that Google relies on to track usage. Even the safe browsing feature of Google is disabled to ensure no communication with the company. Some significant features of ungoogle chromium include disabling Google host detector, URL tracker, Cloud message, and safe browsing feature. It also forces all the pop-up to open in tabs add an Omnibox search provider to allow efficient disabling of searching, clears all the cookies on quitting by default, and does not set the Zone identifier on the downloaded files. overall it is an enhanced version of Google Chrome which you can get if you are concerned about your privacy or want a better user experience.

5. Bridge – mirror notifications

We live in a world today that has combined technology with convenience. However, managing all the devices when you have more than one can be painful and exhausting. The best way to deal with this situation is to download an app that combines all the devices, thus providing you with the latest alerts and notifications from all the sources in one place. The bridge is the chosen one, for it as the name suggests, it Bridges different devices and computers together in a single location and what’s even better is its extensive compatibility and easy to manage UI. The app will let you manage all your devices and efficiently select the ones you can mirror notification onto. It supports end-to-end encryption, battery charge notification, clipboard sharing between devices and much more. However, one concerning idea can be that if you did end up mirroring all the notification it might flood your device with notifications from all the apps. Still Bridge comes with a solution as it will let you limit the apps you want to mirror from. The app is an exceptional choice for effective management and lets you receive all the notification on different devices.

6. Secure File Manager Explorer

Secure File Manager is a great Android file manager app that lives up to its name. The UI of the app is fairly minimal you will get a stacked view of your folders some of the best features of this file manager app is that you can hide any folder or file with just a click. Within the file manager, other features include locking apps with passwords or Biometrics which adds an extra layer of security and encrypting file feature that lets you easily encrypt your files. These security features clearly show how the developer of this app is focused on the security which lacks nowadays.

Guys these are some of the lesser-known and secret Android apps that you should try this month.

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